Great Uses of Office Scrap Paper

Published: 01st February 2012
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A typical employee working in an office would use copier paper to print as many pages as needed. Oftentimes, these reports and printouts are used for a short period of time and typically discarded at the end of the presentation. Since all attendees are provided with reports and reference materials, it is obvious this would result in tons of wasted copier paper. Recycling scrap copier paper is the best way to go green. This will greatly contribute to the environment by reducing waste in landfills. A good recycling program must be in place to reuse waste copier paper. If paper is printed only on one side, employees can utilize the clean side to print required drafts and notes. Instead of throwing away excess paper in the rubbish, scrap copier paper can be used as scratch paper to write down important notes and details. Employees can cut paper into quarters and use them as note pads. These can be placed beside phones for taking and scribbling messages. Employees can use clips to bind scrap copier paper note pads in the office. Instead of investing in pricey notebooks to jot down notes during meetings, companies can save on paper supplies by cutting copier paper in half and using binding glue to hold everything together. To ensure confidentiality in the office, copier paper can be shredded to be used as padding for storing fragile items in the office. These can also be compiled and sent to humane societies and public kennels to be used as animal beddings. Look for local day care centers which accept scrap copier paper to be used for childrenís arts and craft projects. There are many ways to reuse copier paper in the office. Developing an effective program is the best way for enterprises to contribute to campaigns in reducing paper waste in landfills.

In the office, a copier paper recycling plan must be implemented to help reduce paper waste piling up in local landfills. Companies must take responsibility to encourage office employees to reuse and recycle waste copier paper. Management must provide recycling bins or boxes where employees can throw in scrap copier paper. It is best to have four different boxes to separate different types of waste paper. One box is used for newspapers; another for colored paper, one box for copier paper and another for other paper types. Paper with embellishments and coatings must be separated as these are not recyclable. Copier paper with only one sided prints can also be separated to be placed beside printing devices. Employees can make use of these scraps to print out drafts. Prior to sending paper scraps in boxes, ensure that staples and other non-recyclable items are removed. Large scrap paper can be utilized to wrap fragile items in the office. These can also be used to cover books and other reference materials in the office. Smaller copier paper pieces can be glued together to decorate bulletin and announcement boards in the office. Offices must properly orient employees on recycling plans to be implemented to ensure each personís contribution to the program. Employees can also be allowed to bring home scrap copier paper to be used by their children for scribbling and drawing. Offices can coordinate with local recycling plants to regularly pick up copier paper scraps. There are non-profit organizations which also collect used paper to be sold to plants to fund their cause. This will be a great way to help reduce waste also in addition to contributing to charity groups. Finding ways to reuse copier paper in the office is an effective way of reducing waste.

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